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Our AAC and AT Consultants are a team of allied health professionals who specialise in communication technology.

We provide expert information and training about communication technology. We offer in person and online support to clients and their primary therapist seeking high tech AAC and AT options. We offer our services via telehealth across all Australia.

We help you work out what communication technology you need. It can be hard to know which solution is going to work best for a person - even if you’re an experienced occupational therapist (OT) or speech pathologist! Our team works with clients and their primary therapist online and in person to assess and narrow down the options.

We hire out communication technology so you can try before you buy. Check out our library to see some of the devices and software available. You can try as many things as you like for as long as you like. We can support you throughout the trial with training, customisation and implementation. We ship Australia wide.

We recommend and work with all brands of communication technology. Unlike most other companies, we are not limited by commercial relationships with specific providers, so we can recommend solutions, including specialist and mainstream, that suit an individual’s circumstance no matter what brand they might be.

We are experts in communication technology - and we get results. Our specialised team matches people with the best tech to help them communicate, work, play, learn, and connect with friends and family. Read case studies and testimonials here.

Young woman looking over a man sitting at a table holding an iPad in a classroom setting.
Jordana providing a training session for a client's support team.

We hire out all sorts of communication technology. Some of the equipment we hire out includes iPads, smart phones, and apps. For example…

  • High tech Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices to help you get your message across. These include Speech Generating Devices, and communication apps on ipads and tablets.
  • Technology to make using your devices easier, safer and more effective. These include alternative keyboard and mouse options, specialised software to assist literacy, learning, and leisure, and ways to adjust settings.
  • Accessible home controls to help you around the house. This includes changing channels on the TV, managing lighting, and operating heating and cooling systems.

ComTEC is a Yooralla service. 

ComTEC is a service of Yooralla

ComTEC is a team of allied health professionals who specialise in communication technology.

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