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Explore Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and Assistive Technology (AT) options with our AAC and AT Consultants.

It can feel overwhelming to consider the range of assistive technology options available! If you or your client would like to explore options for:

  • enhancing communication, including dedicated devices, communication apps and non-electronic options
  • increasing accessibility of computers and tablets, for use at home, school or work - this could include settings, software and specialised hardware
  • maximising independence at home through environmental control technology
  • securing and positioning technology using mounting systems

we can help.


We work together with the client, their family and their primary therapist to explore AAC and AT options to find solutions to meet specific goals.

Here are 5 tech outcomes from recent AAC & AT consults:

  • Supported a client to learn to use their eyes to control their iPad.
  • Facilitated access for a 16yo to play his Nintendo for the first time since his accident.
  • Provided consultation and training on the communication apps LAMP and TD Snap Motor Plan for a therapist and team in the Northern Territory.
  • Upskilled speech pathologists in Geelong, who are part of a special interest group, in decision making and exploration of communication devices.
  • Developed 3D printed keyguards for iPads and 3D printed parts for accessible gaming for our clients.

Explore Assistive Technology

We work with an individual and their speech pathologist and/ or occupational therapist and families/ support team to help work out which products and services will be best for the people they work with.

It can be hard to know which solution is going to work best! We can work with you online and in person from go to woah. Our specialised team matches people with the best tech to help them communicate, work, play, learn, and connect with friends and family.

We can help you to 

  • Identify all the factors in an individual’s environment that impact the technology choice(s).
  • Clarify the goals for the individual that will make a difference to their life.
  • Narrow down the options to consider according to the individual’s specific goals.
  • Use expert systems thinking to co-design the best solution for an individual and their family.
  • Explore free options, social options and assistive technology options.
  • Help you make a shortlist of great solutions that are tailored to you.
  • Help you make a plan for trialling a few pieces of equipment.

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ComTEC is a team of allied health professionals who specialise in communication technology.

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