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Support and training for individuals, parents and professionals


If you are a Speech Pathologist supporting a client who is at the start of their AAC journey or who has an AAC system that is not being used, then you can engage with one of our experienced speech pathologists who can coach you and their family/ team in AAC.

Learn how to be model communicators to support the person with complex communication needs to build their communication skills.

Through our coaching, you and the key communication partners (family, caregivers) increase your confidence and skill over time. Only with this achievement can the person with complex communication needs have a chance to learn a communication system which can open up their world by allowing them to say whatever they want to say, whenever they want to say it.

This coaching may precede an initial ComTEC advisory session which explores a range of options that could be a person’s communication system, or you may not have had contact with ComTEC prior to coaching and you are looking for ways to successfully implement an AAC system into a person’s life.

You will learn the key principles in AAC implementation, specific techniques to prompt spontaneous use of a system, understand the vocabulary to prioritise when teaching the system, as well as learn about resources to assist your learning even further, and much more.

Coaching may take any form that suits the team such as in person or online. You can schedule coaching sessions as frequently or infrequently as the team desires.

Book a call to get started with our team so we can match you with the right expert.


If you or your client has a speech generating device, communication app, software or alternative mouse / switch for a computer, and you would like some support in successfully implementing and embedding their use in your client’s daily life, our ComTEC team can help!

We provide training to speech pathologists, occupational therapists, participants, parents, carers and support teams.

You might be a parent wanting some support to learn how to program your child's device, how to add vocabulary or some ideas of how to create fun opportunities to encourage meaningful communication.

You might be a speech pathologist introducing LAMP and you would like to learn how to use Vocabulary Builder to simplify LAMP when first introducing it to families.

Book a call to speak with us about tailoring training to suit your needs.


ComTEC can come and demonstrate a range of assistive technology options to an individual or group of therapists at an organisation, school or private practice. 
These can be one-off sessions or a series or ongoing support sessions via Zoom or in person, tailored to your specific requirements. They contribute towards annual CPD requirements for SWEP and AHPRA registration for Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists.

Book a call to speak with us about tailoring professional development to suit your needs.

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