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Big Stylus Options

Ania Ciechanowski

Ania Ciechanowski

Senior Clinician Occupational Therapist – Assistive...

A stylus can essentially be used for most actions that a finger can be used for on a touch screen device such as an iPad.

There are a few big stylus options currently available on the market to make accessing touch screens easier for those who cannot use their hand for direct touch.

Cosmonaut by Studio Neat, USA

The Cosmonaut is a large, weighted stylus for drawing and writing on touch screen devices, like the iPad or Android tablets.

Cosmonaut Stylus

The thicker tip and the wide barrel of the Cosmonaut makes it feel like you are using a whiteboard pen. The shaft has a rubber grip that has a little bit of give. It is waterproof and can be easier to grasp for younger users or people finding a standard stylus difficult or painful to hold. The rubberised grip also stops the stylus from slipping in your hand. The tip is firm and feels like you have good contact with the screen. It is responsive and glides easily. The Cosmonaut does not require special software or charging.

As with all stylus options, tips wear out. The Cosmonaut’s tip is reported to be replaceable, however the supplier website does not currently appear to have spare tips listed for sale. Online reviewers have remarked that the company is responsive in regard to replacement. We’ve popped a question up for Studio Neat and will update when they reply. Our unit hasn’t been used enough to wear out yet! 


  • The Cosmonaut Stylus weighs approximately 40 grams. It’s 12cm long and has approximately a 1.5cm grip diameter  
  • Supplier: Amazon , Studio Neat (shipped from US) 
  • Price varies - approximately $AU50 + shipping ( free if you have an Amazon Prime Membership). Approximately $US40 from Studio Neat.  

Massy Stylus (Shapedad)

The Massy Stylus is another weighted, wide-barrelled stylus for touchscreen use with a whiteboard marker like feel. The stylus’ weight and size could assist people who have a tremor and find it difficult to be precise in targeting or controlling movement with a standard stylus. The larger grip can be easier to hold for people who find holding a standard sized pen/pencil stylus painful or difficult. The tip of the Massy has a conductive sock, but still feels firm and ‘solid’ in its contact with the touchscreen. 

The stylus glides easily on the screen surface and is very responsive. 

The Massy is reported to have been co-designed with an AAC device manufacturer (unspecified)  


  • The Massy Stylus weighs 55 grams. It’s 12,5 cm long and has a 2.2 cm grip diameter  
  • Etsy Australia approx $74 + $24 shipping and Novitatech $80 + $14 shipping) 

Keep an eye out for an upcoming ComTEC blog article comparing stylus options!

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