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Wizzybug training

Corey Crowden

Corey Crowden

Our Wizzybug therapists (physiotherapists and occupational therapists) can help the child and their family and their primary therapist to assess environments that the child can use their Wizzybug.

For example, they can do an assessment

  • At home
  • At the child's childcare / kindergarten
  • At a shopping centre
  • At your local park

We do these assessments and provide training to ensure that the environment is safe and that the child has adequate support in the Wizzybug.

For example, they may need trunk (chest) support, or different support for accessing the switch or joystick.

Check out this video of Tallulah in her Wizzybug exploring the bush here: and here:

Get in touch and book in a session with us if you think you could be using your Wizzybug even more effectively than you are now.

Wizzybug enables Tallulah to achieve more than she ever could before
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