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Support Packages

1. Support Package for AAC – Basic

Support Packages AAC

Explore, Trial & Learn through our Support Package.

We can provide ongoing support for your referring therapist and team during the loan via our support packages. Through the support packages, we walk with you every step of the way to customise or adjust equipment to suit you, so you get the most out of it.

You can prepare a list of products you are interested below to obtain a quote for funding purposes if required. You can request a hire by completing our ComTEC Equipment Library Hire form to get started.


This support package is for therapists/team who are very familiar with the equipment, or for less complex equipment or applications.  This may be a session on basic editing or implementation principles (2.25 hours). This includes 1 session for up to 1.5 hours with the primary therapist, provided by a ComTEC Speech Pathologist.  This includes preparation and planning (approximately 30 minutes preparation and 15 minutes for file notes).

Support is provided to the primary therapist, prior to and during the hire to ensure the optimum value is achieved from the hire.

Support can include, but is not limited to, setup, training, language system selection, grid layouts, symbol sets, AT setup, access to devices, positioning and mounting, help with implementation strategies and other support required to ensure a successful outcome for the user.

With a support package, equipment, software and apps can be changed or added throughout the hire period to ensure that the trial is flexible and meets the user’s needs.

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