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Balloon Switch

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$60.00 per month

This switch is for people who have very little range of movement, but can squeeze or change a small amount of pressure on an object.

It’s hard to convey just how sensitive this switch can be! It will respond to inperceptible changes in pressure on the balloon. When developing this switch, we had to write the software to filter out false triggers from a person’s pulse.

Minute changes in air pressure are generated when a user squeezes the balloon. An electronic sensing system feeds measurements to a microprocessor which constantly compensates for background pressure and ‘non-switch’ signals such as the user’s heart beat.

The Balloon Switch will operate for over a week on a 9 volt battery. When connected to a power supply it automatically changes to a more responsive program which can be used for switch scanning. We supply a kit with three balloons, each with a light density foam insert. The foam insert gives the balloon a self inflating function and also provides some back pressure for the user to press against.

Balloons can be replaced when they wear out. Any balloon, squeeze bulb or similar device can be connected to the Balloon Switch. The balloon can also be removed and the tube used a puff switch.

In the standard mode, the switch can also be used as an extremely sensitive, adjustable pressure puff switch. The electronic sensitivity adjustment can be used to compensate for changes in atmospheric pressure or temperature induced pressure changes.

Technical Specifications:

          • Green tube length: 140cm
        • Lead on control box: 175cm
        • Control box: 10cm x 8xm x 3cm


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