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Apps for Stylus and Touchscreen Practice Part 2

Ania Ciechanowski

Ania Ciechanowski

Senior Clinician Occupational Therapist – Assistive...

We'd like to share some apps useful for stylus or touch practice. Using a touchscreen for learning, play, communication or control involves many cognitive and motor skills. Motor skills range from targeting to more advanced swiping, dragging, dropping and pinching. In the second part of this series are a few apps that build on touching and targeting and introduce dragging / sliding of items and moving targets.

Some of the apps below are free or have free versions. The free apps will, like most apps, offer access to a limited set of free activities with in-App purchases options.  

Touch / Drag or Slide 

Old MacDonald HD (DuckDuckMoose) Interactive Book

Many actions are activated with a simple targetted touch. Additional actions are activated by sliding/dragging stylus or finger across or up.

Cues are provided for some actions, but many need exploration, so it is worth having a play before using it with the child you are supporting.

Wheels on the Bus  (DuckDuckMoose)

Wheels on the Bus app

Touching for an action, for example:

  • Sliding or moving the stylus across a small area. For example, to open a door.
  • Sustained sliding to drive the tractor across the screen.


Targeting - Moving Targets /Timed Activation

The HelpKidsLearn apps are about $6 each.

Splat the Clowns (Help Kids Learn)

Splat the Clown app
  • Watching and waiting and then touch.
  • You can change the speed of the moving target (but you might want to choose med-hard to decrease the waiting) 

More Crazy Cats (HelpKidsLearn)

Practice watching and waiting and then touch. 

Space Shooter (HelpKidsLearn)

  • Watching and waiting and then touch. More advanced but has clear and exciting reward effects.  

If you would like to hire an iPad with some of these apps installed to try, you can submit an Equipment Library Request form.

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