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TD Snap Page Sets

Jordana Vespa-Carra

Jordana Vespa-Carra

Did you know that TD Snap app comes with several great page sets for children or adults with complex communication needs?

Lots of kids we see use the PODD page sets (check out our blog post on information on trialling PODD), and some of them use Core First.

Core First Page Set

TD Snap Core First

PODD Page Set


The newest page set available on the TD Snap app is Motor Plan 30 or 66. Keep your eyes peeled in an upcoming newsletter for an article from a ComTEC therapist on these new page sets.

Adults with solid literacy skills may explore the Snap Text page set which has an appealing interface. Besides being able to choose a preferred keyboard and access some useful pre-programmed phrases to get started with, the user has access to Google Assistant commands.

Snap Text Page Set

TD Snap Text Page Set

Google Assistant Page Set


TD Snap Google Assistant Page Set

Adults with aphasia can explore the Aphasia page set which comes in either a 3 x 3, 4 x 3 or 6 x 5 grid set, depending on the complexity that suits the user.

Aphasia Page Set

TD Snap Aphasia Page set

Remember, the app is free to download for iPad so you can explore the page sets at your leisure (all except for PODD pages sets as they are an in-app purchase) and professionals can get a Professional Registration.

If you would like to trial the TD Snap app with your client, you can hire an iPad with apps from our Equipment Library. You can also access some support and training via our support packages.

You can complete a request form to get started!

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