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iPads & tablets

An Asian woman sitting with an Asian boy at the table. There are coloured pencils and an iPad on the table. The Asian woman is pointing to the iPad that they are both looking at.

iPads and tablets with built in or purchased applications or ‘apps’ can be used for a range of functions including communication, early cause and effect, play, controlling your home environment etc.

You can trial any up to 10 apps with any iPad hire.  You can select a number of apps by visiting our Apps & Software page.

Communication Devices


Blue2 (Bluetooth Switch)

Switches & Interfaces iPads & tablets Switch Interfaces


iDevice Friction Knob Universal Mount System with iPad Cradle

Mounting Systems iPads & tablets

An iPad with a communication app displaying a grid with symbols and text. The communication app is called LAMP.


iPads & tablets Dynamic Devices


Setup Fee (required for iPad hire)

iPads & tablets Dynamic Devices


Speech Case for iPad

iPads & tablets Dynamic Devices Speakers

Speech Case for iPad Mini Front View

Speech Case for iPad Mini

Communication Accessories Communication Devices Dynamic Devices iPads & tablets Speakers

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