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Getting PODD to trial on an iPad

Jordana Vespa-Carra

Jordana Vespa-Carra

PODD is a very popular AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) system. It has been around for decades in a low-tech format, and it has been fantastic to be able to access this robust language system in a high-tech format over the last decade.

Not only is it available on a range of specialised communication devices, but it is available on a range of apps for iPad. If you are interested in exploring the suitability of PODD on an iPad, the first step is to decide which platforms may suit best.

PODD is available on three apps at the moment: Grid for iPad, TD Snap and simPODD. To help you decide which one to trial, you could have a look at the review that Angela Moorad did last year to compare the features of the apps. It is an incredibly detailed post with an abundance of resources about PODD.

Angela talks about how Speech Pathologists can access professional versions of PODD across the platforms. However, for trial purposes across the environments in which a child lives, plays and learns, it is important to have access to the software at all times, not just when the speechie is around.

If parents have access to an iPad that could be used for the purpose of a trial, there are free trials of some of the apps with PODD (it is not recommended to use an iPad that a child uses for leisure and fun – even when Guided Access is on, it can be frustrating for a lot of kids!).

  1. TD Snap AAC – there is a 60-day free trial available of the TD Snap app including the PODD page sets. The software can go on either a Windows device or iPad, and the trial can be on up to two devices.
  2. simPODD – there is a 1 month free trial of simPODD. You will simply need to cancel the subscription at the end of the month otherwise you would be charged. It is important to note that unlike the other apps, simPODD is a subscription app. There is a 'Yearly + Print' options as well as a 'Monthly digital' option.
  3. Grid for iPad – unfortunately at this time, there is no free trial available for PODD on this app. The app can be downloaded and explored for free for 30 days. However, PODD is an in-app purchase. There is a free demo version of the PODD page set when you get the app for 30 days, so you can see how the page set looks – but you do not have access to the whole page set.

If you are a parent / supporting a parent who does not have access to a spare iPad for a trial of AAC, or simply want a longer trial than what is offered, you can access an iPad hire package from the ComTEC Library to support you with the trial.

Did you know that we also provide training sessions via Zoom on specific software programs? Many of our clients who are trialling iPads with ComTEC also request to have a training session scheduled for the start of their loan to cover the basics of making personalisation to the apps. We can also provide support around how to get started with a trial.

If you would rather talk to someone about the differences between the PODD software systems, or explore PODD across specialised devices, you can book a consultation with us!

Click here to speak with us to get started with PODD for iPad!

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