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Dyslexia Awareness Week 2022

Ania Ciechanowski

Ania Ciechanowski

Senior Clinician Occupational Therapist – Assistive...

October 3rd to 7th and, in some parts of the world, the entire month, is an opportunity to highlight and reflect on the barriers and breakthroughs for people living with dyslexia and associated learning differences. 

It is estimated that 5-10% of our population has a persistent, lifelong learning disorder. Specific Learning Difficulties including Dyslexia (SPELD) diagnoses can come late and participating in life’s text-rich schooling, social networking, and employment environments can present huge challenges. 

What can we do this week?

  • Develop understanding and awareness amongst our colleagues and learners of the barriers faced.
  • Learn from the stories of people living with learning challenges about the strategies and technologies that support them.
  • Harness assistive technology and alternative strategies to make our play, learning and work environments accessible to all.


There are a number of great resources which can be found online including:

  • Our local, Speld Victoria, has a private and confidential live chat line originally designed for teens but open to anyone seeking support in tackling the daily barriers faced when living with learning differences. They also have an info line 1800 051 533 or you can email at 
  • If you search online, you’ll find many organisations - some not for profit, some voluntary and others private that provide advocacy, information, education and advice on Dyslexia and associated learning difficulties. 
  • twinkl has lots of curated visual resources for supporting self learning and awareness development to share with your work colleagues and learners. You need to create a free account to download the resources.

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