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Co-design, not just devices



One of the services ComTEC offers is helping consumers to identify the best equipment for them. 

While choosing a device is part of what we do, it's actually more than that! It’s not just “choosing a device”. It’s more like “co-designing a system”.

In fact, there is expert systems thinking that involves thinking carefully about a person’s community, context and goals that shapes the best solution we can provide them with. 

We also work with a participant’s whole team - paid allied health and informal carers like family members - to unlock underlying capacity building.

Suppliers sell devices. ComTEC sells ideas and practical, evidenced-based approaches. The technology solutions are part but not the total of that. 

The work we do to help people optimise their equipment solutions and help allied health practitioners to continue their lifelong learning also has the additional potential to line up with the support we provide to students and their teams around AT for reading, writing, and numeracy.

Following on from that idea - the other thing that I’m really proud of is the "collaborative co-design" way we work. It’s essential to unlocking potential. We carefully tread the line between the traditional "Therapist-led and directed" processes and contemporary "person-led and directed" ones.There are a lot of signals from both the State and Federal government about this type of language (this is an excellent introduction to the topic). I know the power of language for individuals, families, staff and politicians to unlock choice and control. I am excited to keep growing with contemporary best practice.

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