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Expert AAC user tips: Dark Mode and Split View

Philippa Sawyer

Philippa Sawyer

Philippa has over 10 years’ experience working as a...

Philippa, Speech Pathologist at ComTEC, shares some tips from expert AAC users who have adapted their apps to suit their needs.

As a Speech Pathologist at ComTEC, I’m always learning from clients who use AAC tools in their everyday lives.  This month, I’m sharing some quick tips that expert AAC users have shown me. I’ll share how to change the setting of an iPhone or iPad to accommodate some visual preferences and to support multi-tasking.

Expert AAC user tip: Dark Mode

The Proloquo app appears in Light Mode by default but it is not the only way to use the app. I have a client who found Light Mode too bright and visually disturbing. By changing the app to Dark Mode and reducing the brightness level, she made the app more comfortable for her to use.

A screenshot of Proloquo in default light mode.
Proloquo in default light mode.
A screenshot of Proloquo app with the display in the default dark mode.
Proloquo in Dark Mode

You can set your iPad or iPhone to Dark Mode in the Settings app on the device. Go to Settings app, select Display &Brightness and toggle on Dark. In this menu you can also change the brightness.

A screenshot of the display and brightness settings on an iPhone.
Display & Brightness settings
A screenshot of the appearance settings within the display and brightness settings on an iPhone.
Appearance settings - Light and Dark modes
A screenshot of the appearance settings within the display and brightness settings on an iPhone. The display is in dark mode.
Tap on 'Dark' to change to dark mode.

Expert AAC user tip: Split View

What do you do if you want to use your speech generating app on your iPad but you also want to show a photo on your device? By using Split View with an AAC app you can access your communication tool while also keeping your conversation going.

 In Split View, two apps appear side by side. You can resize the apps by dragging the slider that appears between them. These examples show how you could show a picture of your dog while also using your app to talk. If you use Split View when watching a video, the video will stop when your app speaks. This could be annoying but people prefer it to having to open and close each app as you use it.

 Find out how to use multitasking on your iPad

A screenshot of Proloquo in dark display mode. Next to the cells with symbols is a photo of a cute black dog with curly hair.
Prolquo in Dark Mode
A screenshot of the Speech Assistant app in split view showing the Speech Assistant app on the left and YouTube on the right half of the screen.
An iPad in split view with the Speech Assistant app and YouTube displayed together.

Check your other apps

I’ve used Proloquo and Speech Assistant as examples of AAC apps that support the Dark mode and Split View. Not all apps support these features. So, check the apps and settings on your iPhone or iPad to find out if you can implement these tips. 

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