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Google Lens for literacy support

Ania Ciechanowski

Ania Ciechanowski

Senior Clinician Occupational Therapist – Assistive...

We had a look at Google Lens recently when working with a student who needed support for reading and writing. You may have used this free extension already within Chrome or in the Google app to take a photo and search for the name of a plant or flower, do a reverse image search or do some shopping. For any age user who needs some help with understanding written text, you can take a text and then use your phone/ tablet accessibility setting options to have the text read out to you.

Google Lens to help with school work

Google Lens also has a cool feature that can help with homework or class work. 

You can take a photo of a question. You can then ask it to copy the text. Tip: the ‘Copy Text’ button doesn’t change colour when you select it, but you’ll see a ’Text Copied’ notification at the bottom of the screen.

Google Lens

You can then paste the text, like we did for this student into a word processor.

For our student, we pasted into Clicker Writer, a specialised multi-function word processor, to be able to access the additional supports it provides: text to speech, word prediction, word banks (and if you are using on a computer - mind maps for idea expansion and organisation).

Clicker Writer

For more information and personalised clinical advice on literacy and learning supports, you can make a referral for a consultation with our ComTEC team.

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