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David Harraway

David Harraway

Occupational Therapist – Assistive Technology Specialist

Headmouses can allow people with limited or difficult hand movements to control their devices by movements of their heads.

This type of Assistive Technology (AT) has been around for many years and can be useful in making what is impossible for a person, to become possible.

ComTEC specialises in assistive technology options for alternative access to desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

Our occupational therapists can show you, or your client, different options to the traditional mouse, for people who are, for various reasons, unable to use a standard mouse to operate their device.

Why not try it out in person! We have a number of different headmouses for you to try and we can help you, or your client, to explore different options to find the one that is the best fit.

Another advantage for using a headmouse is to shift the load away from sore wrists and hands, to another body part. We know that any change to load on the body can potentially create other issues, so appropriate setup is important.

Depending on the underlying technology used, headmouses track movements several ways:

  • Traditional optical headmouses use Infrared sensors to detect the position of a reflective dot worn on the person's glasses, head or even the tip of their nose (this is actually the optimal ergonomic location). Examples include Tracker Pro, Headmouse Extreme, and others. The user creates clicks by holding in place (Dwell or autoclick) or by pressing a switch with another body part.
  • Gyroscopic headmouses use a head worn sensor which detects position in space relative to the three planes of movement. Examples include Quha Zono and Glassouse. Clicks are achieved by dwelling on targets, via a software tool bar, or by switches. 
  • Webcam or mobile device options use camera technology and computer vision technology to locate the person's head in space and interpret their movements. These allow the person to generate clicks and other mouse actions via gestures such as smiling, blinking, or opening their mouth.     

ComTEC occupational therapists can assist with exploring a wide range of computer access options and headmouse units which are also available for hire from our Equipment Library 

You can make a referral for an Advisory consultation or to find out more about our library and advisory services, book a call

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