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Light Tech AAC – Exploring options for a paper based version of your app

Stacey Sires

Stacey Sires

When someone has a high tech AAC system, they also need a light tech option in addition to it.

It is for those times when…

  • It turns out your battery wasn’t charging your device after all
  • You want to go in the water at the beach but your high tech device doesn’t
  • The inevitable cracked screen that means the device is off for repairs

A light tech AAC option means the user always has access to their communication system, because communication can happen everywhere! It can also be useful for someone to have a light tech option to model alongside the high tech option.


Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) - SimPODD

The PODD software is the most closely related to its light tech counterpart. Unsurprising, given the light tech PODD book came first!

PODD page sets come on several apps (see our blog post on PODD for further details), but SimPODD is the only one that allows the user to create and print a PODD book within the application. You can print different grid sizes, despite SimPODD only having the 15 and 60 cell grid sizes available electronically.

9 expanded functions
20 expanded functions

LAMP Words for Life (WFL) & Unity

Home pages available as manual boards for both LAMP WFL and Unity vocabulary pagesets.

LAMP page set


Proloquo2Go Quick Communication Board is available in the 11X7 grid size with the home page and two extra pages with people, food, actions, description vocabulary.

Proloquo2Go board in shower


Proloquo Communication Board has the core page and keyboard page available.

Proloquo2go low tech book

TD Snap

TD Snap – Core First Communication Books has a complete book available. Users can choose a 6x6 and 7x9 grid size. Spaces for adding extra vocabulary.

TD Snap low tech page
TD Snap low tech page set

Word Power

Word Power has manual core boards and flip books available to be downloaded.

Manual board
Word power low tech book
Flip book, with topic words across the top



SuperCore 30 & 50

SuperCore 30 & 50 has core pages and keyboard page available as manual board.

Super Core 30 & 50 low tech boards

Super Core Learning Grids

Cover a variety of topics with specific manual boards, available in both 12 and 20 cell grids, in PCS, Widgit and SymbolStix symbol sets.

SuperCore Learning Grids

As you can see, there are lots of options for light tech boards for our high tech counterparts. How do you choose which one is best? You can book a consultation with ComTEC for some support in deciding.

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