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Speech Case Mini

Jordana Vespa-Carra

Jordana Vespa-Carra

The latest versions of the Speech Case and Speech Case Mini are a definite improvement on the original releases from several years ago. In fact this is the first time a Mini version is available – originally the Speech Case was made for the iPad and iPad Pro.

It is great to get a version for the iPad Mini (there is still one available for the standard iPad), as we meet many children who would benefit from a small and light communication device. But of course, the device needs to be rugged and robust for so many of our little ones.  

The new and improved Speech Case definitely appears and feels more rugged than the original. It fits more snugly around the iPad as well, compared to the previous version. It still has a stand which can allows the iPad to sit at many different angles which can be an useful feature. 

Link Assistive sell the Speech Case Mini as product on its own as well as selling the Speech Case Tablet Mini, an all-in-one communication device which includes the iPad Mini. Part of what you purchase with this product is Link Assistive Care which is a 2 year warranty which is a great for many families to know about and with which to have access.

We also have one Speech Case Mini available to hire in our library. You can submit a hire request form to hire the Speech Case Mini with iPad mini and communication apps.

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