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Exploring Weave Chat AAC

Stacey Sires

Stacey Sires

We’re often asked about communication apps that come on Android devices and it appears that there is a new kid on the block with Weave Chat AAC.

Weave Chat AAC is a relatively new option, having launched in September 2021. It was originally designed to fill the gap in the market for an AAC tool that allowed the user to create a message and send it directly from the app, rather than having to copy and paste the message across to the texting/email app. 

As of July 2023, the developers have continued to add and expand the tool and it now has a greater vocabulary with lots of features, making it an interesting symbol & text option to explore.   

There are 14 different ‘boards’ with varying grid sizes, designed for optimal layout across iPads, tablets and smartphones. The key focus across all Boards is on core vocabulary, with the layout of Boards drawing parallels with Light Tech Core Communication Boards some readers will be familiar with.  There is limited fringe vocabulary in the boards available 

The boards allow the user to create messages through single words, but also allows the user to create novel phrases and store these to be used when needed. When selecting vocabulary, vocabulary and grammar predictions become available under the message bar. The Boards are fully customisable, with the ability to add and move symbols around, using the symbol library or photos. 


A great feature are the Vocab Packs – a collection of topic specific vocabulary for topics including Everyday, Health, Relationships and Children’s Books (E.g. We’re going on a Bear Hunt).

The team behind Weave Chat AAC consist of a software engineer and speech pathologist and are open to feedback from users and are constantly updating the app. The Weave Chat AAC website and their Instagram page has a wealth of information and resources to assist with learning all the app has to offer.  

Remember to check out CALL Scotland’s free poster on apps available on Android and of course, contact ComTEC should you wish to have expert advice on a client or assistive technology.

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