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Talk Pad

Jordana Vespa-Carra

Jordana Vespa-Carra

TalkPad is one of the newest products developed and released by Smartbox. It allows users to access any communication app of their choice on an iPad which has been modified to be a dedicated speech generating device. This means it has volume that is loud enough to be heard in noisy environments from its inbuilt speakers, it is rugged enough to be dropped safely from one metre, and has a carry handle for ease of portability. It is designed with a scratch-resistant and anti-glare screen, and case with a bevelled edge to further protect the screen.

It can be a good choice for an ambulant person, or alternatively for someone in a wheelchair who needs it to be mounted, as there is a mounting plate available as an extra accessory. Switches can be plugged in directly to the device which is not an option for the average iPad. In the latter case, switch users must use a Bluetooth interface for switch access to be possible. For those who need the support of a keyguard, a keyguard frame is available as an extra accessory as well as a range of custom keyguards.

Back view of Talk Pad.
A young white boy sitting in a wheelchair, accessing a communication device with his hand.

An iPad is the right choice for some users as:

  • The most appropriate communication software option is only available for iPads
  • The user or user’s family is most comfortable with Apple hardware

Nice features of the design of the case include the big, blue round power and volume buttons (these are sometimes small and hard to access on other devices).

Side view of Talk Pad.

There are two different sizes available, the TalkPad 8 (8.3 inches) and TalkPad 10 (10.2 inch screen). Contact Zyteq for details or for a hire of the device.

Hopefully you will be able to see one of these devices in the ComTEC display for your advisory sessions in the near future!

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