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What are switches and bluetooth switches?



Some people with limited mobility find it hard to operate equipment, toys and appliances. Switches attach to household items to adapt them and make them easier to operate.

Bluetooth switches are wireless so you don’t have to worry about plugging in long cords that can get pulled or tangled. They can be used with toys and household items as well as apps or computer software to, for example, play a game or some music or to turn lights on and off with an app.

There are a LOT of options when it comes to switches!

  • Different areas of your house, school or workplace will need different switches.
  • Switches come in many different sizes, shapes and colours.
  • Different switches are designed to be operated in many ways e.g. pressing, waving your hand in front of them, blowing into them, making a sound or even blinking your eye.
  • People of different ages will need different switches to make sure they are safe and objects are accessible to them.
  • People with physical and/or sensory needs may need very different switches.

ComTEC’s team are experts in helping you decide which switches, switch accessible technology and accessories might work best for you or your client. We can also help you trial a few different switches through our library loan scheme, and make the most of them while you have them. 

If you’re an occupational therapist and you’d like some help finding, testing and recommending switches or bluetooth switches, check out our library.

You can also book a phone enquiry session to find out more about our library and advisory services.

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