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iPads with communication apps



Our team at ComTEC love Apple iPads because they are an affordable mainstream device that can easily be used as assistive communication technology equipment.

We often help families, occupational therapists and speech therapists by loading up iPads with different software packages that might help people as speech-generating devices or Alternative Assistive Communication (AAC) devices. Using our library loan scheme and expert coaching, they test out different software, and decide which one will suit them best.

For example, iPads are great to take into education and work settings. Our team knows why communication is important in the workplace and at school - these are important settings for learning, contribution, social connection and self-expression. As a sleek, mainstream device, iPads are excellent assistive technology for these settings.

They can then approach the NDIA, aged care system or ECDS for funding to purchase the iPad and software, knowing that it is an ideal fit for them.

You can contact us to assist with your communication needs, and we can help you and your team work out what will suit you in your environment.

Click here to check out iPads and communication apps in our library. Click here to book a free 30 minute consultation with us to find out more about our library and advisory services.

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